Finally, as a complimentary service, we offer Free Engine Light Check. Our light code retrieval system diagnoses the vehicle’s system computer, analyzes the findings and checks for the fault code. All is free. If the light is faulty, we recommend you solutions on the spot.

Schwerin Automotive combines the professional expertise with the world class products to offer you the best level of car repair services for all makes and models.

We have all the skills, tools and knowledge required to maintain your luxurious hybrid car. Our master technicians accurately diagnose and troubleshoot issues with the hybrid cars and perform factory recommended maintenance services. Some of the regular maintenance services we offer for the hybrid cars are, but not limited to:
• Coolant and Transmission Services
• Oil Changes
• Hybrid drive motor
• Tire Replacement
• Brake and Rotor Replacement
• Hybrid Battery (AGM)
And many more…
Drive-in to Schwerin automotive for free, no obligation auto repair estimates. Our technicians prepare quick and accurate estimates after properly diagnosing your vehicle, so you won’t suffer from massive up-charges.