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In the current scenario where everyone is racing to get ahead of others, automobiles have become indispensable part of our life. We have become totally dependent upon our personal vehicles as we are always in a rush to someone or something. In this case, nothing could be more problematic than the malfunctioning of the vehicle. It’s not just about cost or inconvenience, but it kills peace of mind. We understand your situation and thus bring you the most reliable car repairing products and maintenance services.

It’s better to prevent the damages to your car than to bring it in a situation of dead. That is why you are advised to schedule your Car maintenance after a specific time period. Just drive-in for car maintenance service and we assure that our team of certified technicians will never let you go off the road.

Braking system is the most essential security module of a car. Hence, to avoid any fatal consequences, you must keep it upgraded and in a good condition. We also deal with car brakes for all makes and models. All the brakes are inspected and certified to meet the quality standards and to ensure that you always have a more comfortable and more confident driving experience.

Our expert vehicle repair services include:

Complete Brake Service & Repair: We offer expert brake repair services. Be it a problem of brake pedal, brake master cylinder, hydraulic brake fluid, power brake booster, disc brakes, drum brakes or electronic anti-lock brake sensors, Schwerin technicians are fully knowledgeable about each and every component of the braking system and perform required repairs only after diagnosing it. There is no compromise with the safety and we use only certified, genuine replacement parts in brake repair service.


Cooling System Flush: The failure of the cooling system can cause severe damage to your car leading to costly repairs. To avoid this, it is necessary to maintain your vehicle’s radiator and cooling system. Schwerin’s Cooling System Flush Service replaces 90-95% of the contaminated coolant with the fresh fluid. We do what it takes to bring your car back to its peak performance.


Belts & Hoses: With time, car engine accessories such as belts and hoses get worn out. They lose their ability to expand and contract, and start creating driving problems. So, if you usually face roadside breakdowns, it’s the time to get your damaged car engine accessories replaced with the new ones. We provide belts and hose replacement services for all the makes and models of car.


A/C Repair: A/C has become a must have car accessory, but when it comes to servicing, people usually ignore it and afterwards face various problems. Is your car A/C not doing well? Are you getting foul odors from the A/C vents? How do you test for an A/C System leak? Do you know if you leave the Air Conditioning idle for one year, the system starts losing its refrigerant over time, causing performance deterioration? Sooner or later, people realize the importance of a car A/C repair. Schwerin’s technicians are well-informed with such issues and they figure out the problem within no seconds.


Clutches & Transmissions: A clutch is a component that facilitates power transmission to the engine. A faulty clutch can have many bad consequences. It leads to flywheel damage, slipping fan belt, low fuel efficiency, damage to the Top gear in the gearbox, engine revving and more. At Schwerin Automotive, we inspect the real cause behind the problem and take appropriate measures to rectify that. If the clutch is actually faulty, we replace it with a new one.


Periodic Maintenance: Prevention is better than cure. Hence, for hassle free driving experience you should schedule your car for periodic maintenance. It keeps your car’s performance up to the mark and the problems get detected in the initial phase, preventing further damages. Schwerin technicians inspect the vital components of your car and if required replace them with the new ones. Our car maintenance services are highly affordable yet speedy and efficient.


Minor and Major Tune-Ups: Tune ups let you achieve maximum output from your vehicle both in terms of fuel efficiency and performance. Tune-up services ensure that all the faulty parts have been replaced and the vehicle’s performance has been boosted. We ensure than your car always remain alive on the road even during extreme conditions.


Full Service Oil Change and Filters: Oil is the lifeblood of a car’s engine as it protects it from wear, rust, and corrosion in all climates. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to increase your car’s longevity is to change oil and oil filters from time to time. Schwerin’s technicians are very much experienced in this segment and they carefully look after your car’s lubrication needs. The filters are replaced and the oil is drained. The car is then filled with the fresh oil of high quality.


Emission – Fuel Injection: Cleaning Fuel Injection system is very crucial to maintain your car’s performance. Dirty Fuel injectors result in some serious problems such as poor acceleration, repeated stalling, poor fuel economy, inaccurate air/fuel mix and rough idling. Under Emission – Fuel Injection service, our expert technicians follow the process of removing carbon deposits from the vehicle’s fuel system, intake valves, injectors, and combustion chamber.


CV Joints, Axles, & Drive train: CV Joints, Axles and Drive train are all important components that make a vehicle move forward on the road. If any of these components become faulty, you may not be able to drive your car and it will get stuck on the road. Hence, it is essential to have these parts serviced on a regular basis. So, if you are experiencing the symptoms such as clunks, unnatural vibrations, clicks,etc. on your vehicle, it’s time to drive-in and have your car’s essential components checked. We will replace them with the new ones.


Electrical System Diagnosis and Repair: Imagine, you’re already late for an important meeting and now, your car is not starting. Old car batteries often betray you in such unfortunate times. And, it might not be only the battery that is creating trouble. The alternator, starter, and spark plugs can also be the suspects. If you are also facing car freezing problems often, we recommend you to bring it to us for the electrical system check.


Mount and Balance Tires: At Schwerin Automotives, we never compromise safety and quality. Therefore, we stock tires only from the leading, well recognized brands upon which masses can rely blindly. We deal with high performance tires for all makes and models at affordable prices. Mounting and wheel balancing services are performed by our professionals using specific equipments designed for the job.


Suspension and Steering Repair: The function of a car’s suspension system is to keep the tires firmly in contact with the road while providing stability in terms of steering. This is actually done by the shock absorbers. While driving over bumps and rough areas, if your car rattle and rock back and forth, this means there is some problem with the suspension system. In such case, we check the suspension and steering system and replace the shock absorbers if required.


Collision Repair: We are a specialized automotive collision repair centre. Our technicians use high-tech gadgets to restore your vehicle’s aesthetic appearance as if nothing has ever happened to it. We inspect the vehicle from all the points and ensure nothing has left to be repaired. Once the vehicle is repaired upto the satisfaction mark of the customer, it is checked again for final finishes.


Free Check Engine Light: Finally, as a complimentary service, we offer Free Engine Light Check. Our light code retrieval system diagnoses the vehicle’s system computer, analyzes the findings and checks for the fault code. All is free. If the light is faulty, we recommend you solutions on the spot. Schwerin Automotive combines the professional expertise with the world class products to offer you the best level of car repair services for all makes and models.

We have all the skills, tools and knowledge required to maintain your luxurious hybrid car. Our master technicians accurately diagnose and troubleshoot issues with the hybrid cars and perform factory recommended maintenance services. Some of the regular maintenance services we offer for the hybrid cars are, but not limited to:

  • Coolant and Transmission Services
  • Oil Changes
  • Hybrid drive motor
  • Tire Replacement
  • Brake and Rotor Replacement
  • Hybrid Battery (AGM)

And many more…

Drive-in to Schwerin automotive for free, no obligation auto repair estimates. Our technicians prepare quick and accurate estimates after properly diagnosing your vehicle, so you won’t suffer from massive up-charges.


Towing Service Available: If your car has gone damaged due to collision or any other reason, don’t panic! Just call us and we will send a car towing service to your location. Your car will then be inspected at our service centre for free estimates.